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Garden re-design in Reigate, Surrey

In July 2017 our client's approached us after having their garden designed by Renee Canter from The Girl Who Gardens

They had some designs drawn and they wanted to develop their garden that was around 10m by 18m. 

After some discussion over what the redesign would entail and providing a ball park figure for the work, we set about arranging a site visit to assess the garden and discuss materials. 

We suggested that we leave the planting to Renee due that being her area of expertise. 

The aim of the garden re-design was to construct a decking area at the back of the garden, making the most of the sunshine with a shade sail. The client had a shed that they wanted re-positioning but also we were to construct a new potting shed alongside it. 

The garden was booked into February 2018. 

Initially the plan was to have raised beds in front of these sheds and make it into a 'working area' in the garden, however after some changes to the size of the deck this meant the beds would no longer work at the back of the garden. Aye then came up with a new design for the sleeper raised bed and this was constructed near the main patio. The client also made a change from softwood decking to a more long lasting composite deck. 

The patio that the client had already was yorkstone and they were keen on reusing this. So this was taken up and relaid. 

Other areas were a small artificial grass area outside the utility area for play equipment, a place for the trampoline to go with bark mulch underneath, a new lawn, new fencing at the back and beds prepared with soil ready for planting. 

Here are some of the progress photos and completed project photos. Towards the end the snow fell for a few days so we didn't get as many photos as we liked but we hope to get more once the garden is planted up. Also, the team forgot to take photos back towards the house! 

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before landscaping
Before Photo

deck frame construction
Deck frame construction
Curved sleeper raised bed
Curved sleeper raised bed

Sail shade poles
Sail shade poles going in

Setting out the flower bed lines
Setting out the flower bed lines

New close board fencing
New close board panel fencing at the back of the garden

shade sail
Trying out the shade sail 

Saige composite decking
Saige composite decking being installed

Grey composite decking
Composite deck drying from all that snow!

View towards the back of the garden
Positioning the garden lights
Positioning the garden lights

new lawn
New lawn and new potting shed

Composite decking
All ready for the warmer weather!

Grey composite decking
Grey composite decking

Some more photos given to us by the lovely Renee:


New lawn, deck and raised bedNew lawn, deck and raised bed

New lawn, deck and raised bed

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