Monday, 8 February 2016

Can I Use Artificial Grass On A Driveway?

I just had a phone call this morning from a client who had a muddy patch in front of their house that they parked a car on. They wanted to know if they could install artificial grass on this area and still park on it. 

My first answer was no definitely not as this would not be a long term solution. Turning on the grass would cause the grass to raise up, rip fibres up and generally be unsuitable for a surface under a car- no matter how good the sub base!

I advised the client that if they were going for a green look then stabilisation grids or a cellular system with real grass sown in the holes would be an effective solution for a 'natural'  and green look drive. A bit like the ones below found on

Grass filled plastic cells
Grass filled plastic cells

Turfstone by
Turfstone by Tobermore

I then thought, I wondered if anyone has used artificial grass successfully on a drive and proceeded to look on Houzz and found the following driveways from the USA that had used artificial grass in the driveway design:

They actually look very effective. What do you think? Will these take off in the UK?

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