Monday, 25 January 2016

Running a business and being a mum

I started something last year with our fourth child that I wish I had done with my other three. Every week or so I take a photo of our little girl while she is with me in the office.
Sometimes she is having a cuddle or I have been multitasking while breastfeeding her. 

I started doing this as for a long time I struggled with the children wanting me while I was working in the office and then I realised that they won't be this small forever and I want to cherish every moment even the ones where it feels I am juggling five different things at the same time. 

I also like these photos over time because it shows I am finally loosing my baby weight so that is quite good for my self esteem!

One day all four will be in school at the same time and I will look back on this time and remember how hard it was to run a business and have 4 young children but also I will remember all the times I didn't actually mind being interrupted to view a show they had made up or look at some colouring they had done or give them a cuddle! 

Cuddles at the computer desk. 

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