Saturday, 30 January 2016

Enjoying the garden in January!

It is January 30th and the sun was shining beautifully today. It is quite mild compared to other January's but it feels fresh and with the blue sky and sunshine our children were desperate to play outside. 

Apart from our baby, our three other children have been enjoying playing on the play equipment outside today and the best thing is there is no mud coming into the house!

Normally at this time of year the lawn would either be frozen or a mud pit but back last summer (2015) I made the decision to have artificial grass installed. Although we install it a great deal as a business I wasn't keen on having it for our garden originally as I do love the smell of freshly mown grass and I love the feel of it underfoot. But as our grass area is mainly for the children I thought why not and I have never looked back. It is the perfect play area for them. 

My four always have so much energy to burn so using the garden all year round is a priority as they love being outside. 

Yes, it really is January!

Our baby who is 9 months now has started to crawl and today she longed to go outside and join her brothers and sisters. As the weather warms up she is going to love being out there too!

The neighbours must think we are crazy though! Aye has installed these amazing Bose outdoor speakers (I have only ever seen them at Chessington World of Adventures before) The sound quality is brilliant. We had those playing music today too while we were outside.

Anyone would have thought it was summer! lol

Is it a stool? No! It's an outside speaker!

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  1. Hi Guys. I get the while artificial thing in certain situations but struggle when people use it as a complete replacement for natural grass (no surprise there). I have often recommended it for an area that gets little light and is constantly wet because at the end of the day it needs to be usable especially when kids need space to play. I was out on a cycle today and I deliberately went via a garden in Horsham which for the past two years has had artificial grass in the front garden either side of the drive. I wanted to take a phot to show an example of where it doesn't work. I was gutted when I got there to find that they had converted it back to natural turf. I do know of another one down in Worthing which I will take a photo of when next there.

    Tim (Lawn Master)