Friday, 29 January 2016

Blogging and newsletters and how I got past my writer's block.

As a mum of 4 and a business owner my head is always thinking! I don't think I ever have a clear mind unless I am sleeping and even then I am probably trying to solve something in my sleep knowing me!

I have always loved to blog about our business. 

We started to blog back in 2011 I think and at the time I didn't have a clue what to write- so mainly it was one sentence with a link to our website. Then my blogging evolved and as I found myself more at home and pregnant I started to write helpful articles about gardening and landscaping. 

That takes us up to this year. 
I am so busy now with the children and running the business that I don't get time to sit down and write for ages and research topics so I thought what can I do? I also found that I had all these ideas and just couldn't get them across and my head would freeze when I started to write!

That is when I started to receive Dom's newsletters. Dom is from Pack Leader Dog Adventures and I signed up to his newsletters as we have a German Shepherd and he seemed to know so much about dogs and it made sense what he said. Also, he is a Theo Paphitis small business winner - like us!

Dom's style of writing is very natural and you can read it like he is sitting next to you saying it in person. He writes about every day events that happen and uses those to give a message related to his business or sometimes just a way of illustrating a point. 

I was quite taken by this way of writing.

Also Dom's Facebook page is a great one to follow if you have a dog. The photo's often make me smile - you can tell they have great fun. 

** FRIDAY PHOTO CHALLENGE **It might look easy but getting your dog to pose for a photo can be harder than you...
Posted by Pack Leader Dog Adventures on Friday, 22 January 2016

Secondly, a lady called Georgina from GEM writing, whom I have followed for quite a while, wrote something on a newsletter the other day which just sounded exactly like me! It was amazing, like she was describing how I was feeling and I even emailed her to tell her that I loved what she had written. 

It then began to dawn on me that writing doesn't have to be a science. It can just be you saying what is from your heart. It won't be interesting for everyone and it doesn't have to be. Others can just take it or leave it. I think  it is good to put a bit of 'you' into your writing after all there is only one you and that is what makes you unique. 

I loved that Georgina shares things from her family and doesn't just talk about her job.
She recently shared this picture of something her daughter had made for her. 

So that's my thoughts really. I now have given myself a target of doing one blog every few days and a newsletter at least once a month. Sometimes it will be about our work, sometimes it may be an observation or about our family and sometimes it might be useful advice. I also love to share before,during and after photos of our projects on Twitter so might incorporate some of those too. 

I hope other people enjoy reading my ramblings. 
I have already got plans to write blog posts about a new lawn care company we have just met, a monthly goodie box that I have subscribed to for my baby and info on an amazing driveway surface.

So a real mixture, but that is what we are about. Our family and our landscaping business. :)

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