Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Not a landscapy blog post at all!

It is very rare these days that I get some time just to sit and type and do some blogging. 

Most evenings my time is taken up getting the children settled for bed and doing bits of admin. On the odd occasion Aye and I get to watch a film (we must make more time for that). 

So here I am, all 4 children are in bed. Aye is pottering in his workshop and Asher (our dog) is wrestling with one of his toys. The house is really really quiet and it got me thinking. I do like reminiscing and thinking about days gone past, it really is lovely to see how far we have come as a family and as a business. I guess also at this time of year we also count our blessings and just be grateful for the life that we have. Aye's family live in Burma and Thailand. We haven't seen them for 3 years and it would be great for them to one day meet our girls whom they have never seen. So here I am thinking, I am thinking about how Aye started the business on his own and the amount it has grown and how really at the heart of it, it is still us. We may have workers now but the truth of the matter is that when you support a family business you are supporting local people and their family. We are truly grateful for the amount of support we receive from past and present clients. We learn so much every day and grow in knowledge.

Some people say business isn't personal and I do know what they are meaning. I do understand, but at the end of the day we are all human and surely some of what attracts people to our business is the personable side. I hope we never loose that. 

I read a quote the other day on twitter quoting Bob Marley which said: 

"Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end."

Now don't get me wrong, we do all need money and want to provide a great future for our children. But also, it has to be about more than that. Life is so short and so precious. We should not take it forgranted. This year personally for us was a year of ups and downs. Aye lost his father and in the same year our beautiful fourth child Sumatay was born. I am still so sad that she will never get to meet him. 
We also lost our little dog tragically. He had been around since our first son Samuel who is now 6. 
These events made me realise that you really can't control what is round the corner and therefore you need to live for the day you are in. Sure you can plan for the future, but don't wait for the future to be happy. Be happy now. 

This is not at all about landscaping but I felt I needed to write it, as much for myself as for anyone. Kind of like a marker to come back to and ground myself when it all gets crazy busy with work again and just to remember that we are all created equal and if there was just less greed in this world it would be a very different place. 

Hoping to write on the next blog post, a bit about our business and what a year 2015 has been. 

Thanks for reading! We hope you have a blessed and joyful Christmas.

Love the Naing family. X

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