Monday, 6 July 2015

To Tumble Or Not To Tumble? - A Natural Stone Paving Decision.

What is tumbled paving?

We have decided to write this blog to make it easier to direct our clients to information about what tumbled paving is.

Before we get onto that, let's look at Indian sandstone in general. Indian sandstone is a great natural material to construct a patio from. Unlike concrete replica paving where a chip will show concrete underneath or the colour can fade showing the concrete, natural stone paving will be a consistent colour throughout the slab and will look better with age.

It is important to understand that Indian sandstone will not have a perfect unblemished look, in fact the veins, small holes and textured riven look will add to it's character 

It is at this point that we must make clear that we only ever buy Indian sandstone from suppliers that ethically source the stone and are part of the Ethical Trading Initiative.

So what is tumbled paving? 

Tumbling is in fact a process that the paving undergoes. The paving is passed through a vibrating machine that rounds off the corners, softens the edges and profile.

Tumbled Mint Indian Sandstone from London Stone

The customer above chose tumbled mint paving as they wanted it to be in keeping with the age of their house. They also chose tumbled mint sandstone setts to finish of the look.

Another benefit to tumbling is that it "makes the sandstone less porous and increases its stain-resistance."

Below is a patio that we installed with Autumn Brown sandstone paving that was not tumbled.

Autumn Brown Sandstone Patio by our team (not tumbled)
Autumn Brown Sandstone Patio by our team (not tumbled)
We hope we have given you a good understanding of the tumbled process so that you can make an informed decision on whether to choose tumbled paving.

You may also be interested in seeing how the colour of indian sandstone changes when wet. We have complied a few photos to show this here:

Indian Sandstone when wet and dry

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