Friday, 10 October 2014

Gardening and landscaping vouchers as a Christmas present

What do you buy for the person who has everything?

I am sure you all know at least one person who appears to have everything and is impossible to buy for! Every year you scour and scour the shops looking for a meaningful present for them and rack your brains for something unusual.

Well... have you thought of giving them a voucher for some landscaping to be done in their garden or tidy an area of it that needs a good sort out.

Gardening and landscaping voucher in Dorking

Here are some ideas of what you could have a voucher for:

  • A pressure wash of a patio that is in need of some attention
  • Hedge cutting
  • A garden tidy of an overgrown garden
  • A new shed or shed base
  • A lawn cut every fortnight during the growing season

If you have a slightly bigger budget for your present:

  • An area of artificial grass
  • A new fence
  • A new lawn
  • An area of decking
  • Seating area or patio circle

Once you have an idea of what you would like the voucher to be for you can contact us and discuss it further. 

For a lot of the above we can give prices per square metre - so you can either sneakily find out the square metres yourself, take a photo and send it to us or arrange a time that we can visit the garden. 

If you would like more information and to discuss your ideas please contact us on 
020 8679 3000 or email

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