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Our 5 favourite landscaping and garden projects from 2013

A look over 5 of our landscaping and garden projects in 2013

Aye and Susan take a look at 5 memorable garden landscaping projects of 2013.

Our 2012 post: Our 5 favourite landscaping and garden projects from 2012 is among our top 5 most popular blog posts of all time. Our readers obviously find it interesting reading about our favourite projects. Which is why we decided to do another one for this year just gone by - 2013.

Small Garden Tidy in Crawley

I have picked this as one of my favourites as sometimes the simplest jobs can have the biggest impact.

This garden had quickly got on top of the clients due to various reasons and we were called in to cut it all right back and maintain it. 

Whereas some people may get overwhelmed by such a jungle, our team set to clearing it straight away in an efficient and safe manner. 

As you can see the end result is superb and the clients were thrilled with the garden clearance. We now maintain this on a regular basis as part of our regular garden maintenance rounds.

Garden renovation in Horsham- Artificial Grass

In 2013 Ayegardening became Namgrass artificial grass approved installers.

Towards the beginning of 2013 we were approached by client who wanted to make her garden more family friendly. She had two children and a large dog, combine this with running her own business, she didn't have time for mowing grass and the current garden was shingle and paving- not ideal for the children and their toys.

After some discussion, mood boards and a design, the finished garden was decided upon. 

The result is a clean look, a large artificial grass area for the children to play on and a family patio area. As well as the new patio area and artificial grass installation, a small pond was removed, jet washing, new fencing and a shed repositioned.

Small front garden design in Crawley

In this makeover the clients loved gardening but it was getting a bit too much to bring the mower through the house each time they wanted to mow the small strip of grass. So they started to draw up a sketch of what they wanted and then with some input from us and lots of discussions we came up with the following design which allowed for planting in small rectangular flower beds and mixed in with Indian sandstone hard-standing. The result- a stylish, interesting low maintenance front garden space.

Closeboard Fencing in Crawley

We have found 2013 a year of regular customers returning to us for additional landscaping works. Therefore a special mention must go to the lovely Gerald and Carol who have used us 4 times this year! I think the first time they used our service was 2010, so they have supported us from nearly the beginning and have watched our progress as a business and the growth of our family too!
In these photos they have gone for closeboard fencing. Closeboard fencing, also known as feather edge fencing or featherboard, is renowned for it's strength. It is very versatile and can be built at various heights and on slopes.

Front and back garden makeover - low maintenance garden in Crawley

You may have already seen this project in our blog entry at the end of December but we think it is worthy of another mention!
Every client is different and that is why we stop and listen to the customer's requirements as we don't want to force any one particular style onto them. We will however advice as necessary and suggest if asked. 
In this case the client had a clear picture of what they wanted for the front. We produced the look they were after and they were really pleased as were we.

The back garden needed more discussion, an Indian sandstone patio with feature circle was agreed on and as the job progressed extra work was added on and we were happy to implement additional fencing and planting.

The end result of the back garden was a modern, colourful low maintenance space and is going to be great place to relax and eat as a family on Summer evenings.

So now 2014 has begun and we have already got many fencing projects booked in, artificial grass installations and a shed installation.
Looking forward to a fantastic 2014!

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