Saturday, 28 December 2013

A look over the year 2013 - Ayegardening - A landscape gardening company.

I am writing this post now as before you know it 2014 will be here and we will start to get busy again.

I love reflecting. Must be the teacher in me. I was always taught to be a reflective practitioner and always turn every situation into a positive learning experience. I love to look over my life and see how far we have come, both as a business and as a family. I never want to forget how we started as a business and also how every customer along the way has helped us to form into the business/people we are. Running your own business isn't always easy- you do make mistakes, but it is what you do after that is important. We like to learn from every customer- listening to them as to what we could do better.

One of the big effects on our business this year was the birth of our beautiful baby girl smack bang in the middle of July. Bless her, she is amazing! She has changed our life forever and her brothers are both so protective of her. She did not effect our business negatively at all, in fact this year, yet again we have beaten our turn over and profit of the previous year and also become VAT registered. For some reason her birth focused us more. Aye and I both realised how our children are only young once and although it is important for our children to see how hard we work, we also have had more family days out.

About Ayegardening
Christmas this year has been really lovely, we have taken a break from social media (those of you who know me will know how hard that was!) Aye is itching to work though! When you have worked really hard all year it is hard to sit still in the house - so we have been ice skating, going to the cinema, park and Ikea to keep busy!

I have noticed that having a business can be a little like bringing up your first child. At first you don't know what to do and you may read lots of books about how to bring up your child and listen to other parents. You are always learning what works and what doesn't. Lots of sleepless nights too! Then as your child grows up and you have a second one (or third!) , you start to realise what parts you can do better and improve on. You also learn that by talking to others you find out that you are not alone in what you are going through.
In the second half of this year we learnt all about building relationships with other suppliers and landscapers. We learnt how important it was to share experiences, difficulties and tips etc.

A lot of this is my reflection of the year (Susan) I am very much a thinker. Aye is a doer! He does not procrastinate in the slightest! He makes decisions quickly and whereas I worry about situations, he thinks BIG and works hard to make his dreams come true. He really is a remarkable man, one of the main reasons our business has done so well too. He does look back too over things, but much quicker than me. As I write this Aye is already making plans for next year and the growth of the business!

Taking a look back at the projects this year - there has been a real variety- which we love! From a range of fencing projects, turfing, patios, garden clearance to planting, large garden grass cutting, border maintenance and our new service of artificial grass installation.

The year has ended on a real high for us - the last large landscaping project was for a wonderful family in West Green, Crawley. Here are some photos of the landscaping:

Low maintenance front garden - landscaping crawley

Fencing construction - Dorking, Crawley, Horsham

Patio installer  - Dorking, Crawley, Horsham

Shed installer  - Crawley, Horsham, Dorking

Patio installer  - Dorking, Crawley, Horsham

Fencing construction - Dorking, Crawley, Horsham

Fencing construction - Dorking, Crawley, Horsham

We will never be able to say thank you enough to our family, friends, customers and followers on twitter/facebook who support us in many different ways. 

Here is to a brilliant 2014!

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