Friday, 11 October 2013

4 facts you did not know about Ayegardening

4 facts that you may not have known about our team

Aye and Susan - Owners of Ayegardening
Aye and Susan - Owners of Ayegardening Ltd

1. Our team combined can speak a total of 6 languages! 

We have a multi-lingual team- English, Burmese, Thai, Italian, Spanish and French. Some days it makes me smile so much- not really sure if they have all made up their own language to speak to each other!
The main thing is, our team is the proof that no matter what country we all come from- we all work hard.

2. We start our working day at 10:00am so that the dads can help the mums do the pre-school / school run

We are a very family friendly business and we realise how important the early years are for parents and children. We start our day at 10am so that both Aye and Andrea can carry out their fatherly duties. They both have 3 children each! From my point of view (Susan) it helps tremendously as three children under 4 is not easy.

3. Aye can climb ANY size tree with no equipment and bare feet

I have always been in awe of Aye since the moment I saw him scale a coconut tree in Burma with bare hands and feet so that he could pick me a fresh coconut (yes yes soppy I know!) He hasn't lost his touch! Just this year on our holiday he did the same thing to show our boys.

Obviously, this is not the practise carried out in our business when cutting off tree branches! You'll be pleased to know he has the relevant chainsaw certificates and PPE for that!

4. The business was started the day before our first son was born

Aye started the business with just one strimmer! and is very humbled by his roots from Burma. He made the decision to start the business one day before our son was born (although we didn't know that at the time!)  

So there you have it - 4 random facts - hope they were interesting for you!

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