Saturday, 15 June 2013

June Gardening Tasks

Gardening Calendar for June

June - Now is the time to enjoy your garden!  All those previous months planting, sowing and preparing have come to fruition. Roses are blooming and your beds and borders will hopefully be brimming with delights.

You will no doubt be enjoying a BBQ or two and relaxing of an evening in your garden. Children will be enjoying the warmer weather and there may even be the odd day that is warm enough for a paddling pool!

To keep your garden looking the best, here are some tips to help you in the month of June. 

1. Ideally lawns should now be being cut once a week - but not too short! Don't forget to move around garden furniture and children's toys to prevent the grass yellowing.

2. With the extra light in the day and warmer weather weeds will be sprouting up frequently. So keep hoeing down your borders and beds.

3. It will be safe to put your summer hanging baskets outside if you haven't already, or plant some summer bedding.

4. Continue to use water butts and 'grey water' to water flowers and plants. Ensure that any newly plants shrubs do not dry out.

Collecting and reusing rain water is one of the simplest things to set up. Rainwater can be collected from the roof of garages, sheds or homes using the gutter and drain pipe to filter down into a water butt. During the summer this will be particular helpful when there are water restrictions in place. By reducing your use of mains water, you are not only helping the environment but also your pocket if you are on a water meter!

5. If you have a compost heap remember to turn it over with a fork.

6. Dead head flowers where necessary to encourage new growth.

7. Ponds- remove blanket weed as soon as it appears and clean out pond filters.

8. Harvest salad leaves when they are around 2 inches high and sow more seeds to ensure a fresh supply of salad through the summer.

9. Cut back Spring flowering shrubs when they are finished flowering to ensure that they flower well again the next year.

10. Don't forget to spend some time taking in your garden and enjoying the fruits of your labour.

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