Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Living Roof and Sleeper Workshop

I will start this blog post by stating that - Aye loves railway sleepers! He loves working with them and when he first told me about his idea to create a workshop out of them I thought he was mad! But he proved me wrong and although it is very strong- like a fortress! It does look good.

There was one condition on being allowed to have this castle in the garden and that was I wanted a living roof on it. It was our first time creating a living roof and I did lots of research into how to make one, the preparation, drainage and planting. I received some quality advice from Ross at Evergreen Roofs through Landscape Hub- so thank you to Ross for his help.

I thought the best way to show the progression of the workshop and living roof was in a photo story.

So here it is.....

The first day...

Making a sleeper workshop
Concrete footings, posts in and sleepers starting to be put in.

Timber yard (our garden!)

Making a sleeper workshop

The top view, now time to construct the roof

Inside view 

Making a sleeper workshop

Making a living roof
Membrane, drainage and soil

Making a living roof
Finishing off the roof

Sleeper workshop
All complete

Living roof starting to flower
After a few weeks...

Living roof flowers

Living roof flowers

Living roof example
Advanced irrigation system! and sky dish ornament ;-)

The great thing about making a living roof is seeing the flowers and plants grow every day. Every morning I spot something new. I will take another photo or two when it is in full flower.

So what have we learnt from this experience? 

1) Making a living roof is not as difficult as we had first thought. If you are going to make one the basics are important - strong roof, waterproofing and drainage. 
(I don't want to go into the instructions on how to make one in this blog rather I just wanted to show that even landscaping/gardening companies are learning every day and trying new things out)

2) We didn't need to put so much soil on it - we could grow bulbs in it!

3) Experiment with plants/wildflowers/alpines etc to see what looks good, what plants likes the conditions (gets a lot of wind and sun) and what grows the best. Our Nasturtiums are very happy! 

Thank you for reading this and come back soon to see more photos as the living roof blooms.

Photos added 20th June 2013

26th June

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