Thursday, 23 May 2013

New Garden? - what next?

Top tips from Ayegardening for when you have moved to a new home and garden.

So you have recently made the move to a new area outside of London and you are presented with a new garden to get to know. It may be considerably larger than the garden you had previously and a daunting prospect to maintain or maybe you have never had a garden before and don't know where to start.

An important point to mention is to see the garden in bite sized chunks. Anything that is unsafe needs to be sorted first: loose slabs, or dangerous branches on a tree. Then you can start to think about parts of it that you don't like, want to change or what you want to add to it. Remember, it will take time to get to know your garden and put your own stamp on it. 

In this article you will find some top tips for scenarios that may arise when moving to a new home.

1. What to do if you have inherited a jungle

2. Moving home outside the growing season

3. A large lawn

4. Making the garden your own

Plan and design your garden to suit your lifestyle

This article was written by Susan for the Life After London website - please click here to read the full article - New Garden - What next?

This article was written by Susan from Ayegardening Ltd 

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