Sunday, 24 February 2013

What have Ayegardening - family gardening business- been up to the past few months?

We have been looking over the website and making some changes in the past few days and I noticed our blogger button on almost all the pages. Clicking on it, I realised that our last blog post was in December 2012!! 

So, we would like to update you on how 2013 has been for us.
2013 didn't get off to the best start with a burglary - we would appreciate you clicking here to see if you recognise one of the culprits. But not wanting to start this off on a negative note...let's move on...

So, what have Ayegardening been up to the past few months? Well, those of you who know Aye will know how hard he works and after two years of no holiday we decided to go to Burma and Thailand, for a holiday and also to show our two boys to their Burmese family. Our worker- Andrea- carried on for us doing some of our regular grounds maintenance contracts.

It was really hard to leave the business behind. When you get so passionate and involved in working hard on making the business grow and you think about it day and night, it's hard to let go! But we have always lived by the motto- 'Work hard, play hard' There is also no point in having a family and not spending time with them. So we decided to spend 3 weeks in Burma and 2 weeks in Thailand. It was most definitely worth it! 

Now rather than bore you with a stream of photos from our holiday- We have chosen a select few- just to give you a glimpse of our trip.

Susan in Burmese traditional dress with our two boys

Our eldest boy and Grandad in Burma
Youngest son and Granny in Burma

Bagan, Burma

Koh Samui, Thailand

Sunset in Phuket

Aye and Susan in Koh Samui

So, now we have returned- rested and raring to go! What has 2013 got in store for Ayegardening? Well, as with any year, or month actually, we love to be reflective about our business. We don't want to be stuck in a rut, or just do something out of habit. We are constantly reviewing the way we run our business and always try to improve our skills- both horticulturally and from an organisational side. 
We always try to have a balance between work and family. This isn't always easy with a 1 and 3 year old, and another on the way due in July! There is never a dull moment in our household! But, the way we see is it is that we want to enjoy a large family and run a successful business so that we can provide a strong future for them. Our family always come first and then the business- but Ayegardening doesn't suffer because of this- thankfully, the joint effort of Aye and his hard-working team with Susan's organisational and time-keeping skills prove a great combination!

So, one question you may be asking yourself (If you don't know us) is: Why talk about our family mixed with our business? The reason is we want to show people that we are 'real' That you can trust the 'Aye and Susan' that are behind the Ayegardening business. We want to be approachable and show people the faces behind the Ayegardening team. Our twitter and facebook followers know this well!

So here's to a happy, healthy and hard working 2013!


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