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Green Waste- What can be done with it and where does it go?

Green Waste- What can be done with it and where does it go?

When we visit a potential job that requires green waste disposal -one question that I always ask is - Do you have a green bin? or a compost bin?

Very often the client says 'no' and they require disposal to be part of the quote- but then they finish there- they NEVER ask the question- where does the green waste go? and what they don't realise is that they have just as much responsibility for ensuring their green waste is disposed of legally as much as the carrier themself.

We will get onto the question of where the waste goes later. But for now let us look at the legal requirements for waste disposal of any trade.  

The environment agency says "A person who transports controlled waste in the course of a business or otherwise with a view to profit" is classed as a waste carrier and therefore must register with the environment agency to obtain a waste carrier's licence. Quite simply, for us as a gardening and landscaping business we produce green waste and construction waste and have a valid waste carrier license. ( Current Registration Number: CB/EE5852BE)

More details can be found on the Environment Agency website.

So, apart from Ayegardening taking your green waste- what else can be done with it?

Do you have a GREENbin?

Most councils now have a green bin service - some free and some areas are chargeable.
Crawley council have a GREENbin service which costs £46 for the year. Grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, small prunings and weeds can be put in the bin and the council make fortnightly visits to empty it. 

We always encourage new domestic customers to sign up for the scheme. It will save them money in the long run as they won't be paying for us to take away the green waste.

Please note not all waste is accepted in these bins - e.g. branches over the thickness of your wrist, food or soil - for a list of what they do and do not accept please see the website for more details.

Another way to save money is have a composting bin.

Composting is a way of biodegrading waste that can be used for nurtrients for your garden. When composting is done properly it can provide many benefits for the soil, provide nutrients, slow down weed growth and have a positive affect on climate change.

Here is a list from the Direct Gov website of what you can and cannot compost:

In your garden you can compost:
  • fruit and vegetable peelings
  • tea bags and coffee grounds
  • crushed egg shells
  • grass cuttings, prunings, old bedding plants and hedge trimmings
  • scrunched or shredded paper and some kinds of cardboard
  • animal hair
  • vacuum dust (only from woollen carpets)
  • garden and pond plants
In your garden you shouldn't compost:
  • cat or dog excrement
  • meat and fish
  • dairy products
  • diseased plants
  • disposable nappies
  • shiny card
  • hard objects

The following video from the RHS provides useful tips on how to compost.

Making Compost

So finally.....back to the question that started off this post...Where does YOUR green waste go when Ayegardening takes it.

When we have visited your garden for a quotation and have seen that part of the quote needs to be green/construction waste disposal - we will go about assessing how this disposal should be carried out- depending on materials - e.g. metal, wood, green waste. Waste disposal depends on the material, but will taken to our site to sort, a commercial composting/recycling centre, put in a skip or recycled ourself- e.g. chipped on our site.

I almost don't want to mention fly tipping here as it feels like it will lower the tone of the discussion. However, it is important to mention that if you get a quote and the disposal is significantly lower than ours - ask yourself this question - is it being dumped in the woods? Always check that a company has a waste carrier license. Too often we see dumped grass, hedge trimmings and bricks on the side of roads or down lanes. It goes without mentionning that Ayegardening has not, does not and will not ever unlawfully dispose of any kind of waste.  

 Ayegardening is a landscaping and gardening business built on honesty and integrity. An ethos of hard work and reflective practise -Ayegardening are passionate about making and maintaining beautiful gardens.


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