Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Honest, Reliable and Hard-Working landscape gardening business - Ayegardening

So, we get a call from a customer that we quoted for last year. It was a garden tidy and at the time the customer said her husband thought we were too expensive- even though she wanted to go ahead with us and she told her husband she knew we would work hard. However, they went with the cheapest option.

On the phone, she said she wanted to apologise to us about declining our quote last year and telling us we were too expensive as the guy they did get in to do it did the following:

1) Dug out all her lily of the valley
2) Spent a great deal of time on the phone
3) Ended up charging DOUBLE what we had put in a written quote.

Hmmm....a lesson to learn there!

We may not be the cheapest....but with Ayegardening - we provide a free, written, no-obligation quote with a fixed price (we don't charge by the hour) There will be no nasty surprises and we know the difference between a weed and a plant.

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