Saturday, 19 May 2012

Achievement has no colour

As I am sat here writing this in my little office (more like a cupboard!) the Ayegardening team are coming to the end of a two week project. I am so proud of them all- they have worked extremely hard with a back, side and front garden makeover for the past two weeks.

Here are some of the before and after photos:

 Thinking about the team made me realise how far Ayegardening has come. My husband started the business in 2009 as a sole trader and now nearly half way through 2012 Ayegardening is a limited company with 4 employees! We have had self-employed contractors every now and then but this year we had interviews for permanent positions. Having had a few 'false starts' with employees with two lads only lasting 4 days each we now have Aidan and Sam (who starts next week). It's early days, but Aidan has a fantastic attitude to his work and we are really pleased with what we have seen. Looking forward to Sam joining us too.

Finding someone who matches my husband's endurance or at least has the aspiration to, is difficult. Aye has been brought up with a mentality of 'working hard'. From the age of 5 he was selling fruit and vegetables before and after school on little village streets in Burma. I admire my husband more than anyone in the way he is so focused on driving the business forward and his passion to 'better' the way we work.

Did you know that the average age of our team is 22!? Sometimes we meet prejudice because of that. It can be hard working in this industry as a young looking business. I do get upset sometimes at people's judgements just from a skin colour. Why should it make a difference what colour skin they have? Another point that upsets me is that Aye's english may not be perfect like someone born here- but not being able to get grammar exactly correct does not mean that there is a lack of knowledge in gardening matters.

I started writing this blog post yesterday and then stopped after feeling emotional about what we sometimes go through (only a small minority of people) and then I started to chat with 'Stacey' (from Stacey's admin solutions) on twitter. I read her blog post about how twitter is all about supporting each other, communicating with each other and not just about numbers. I thought it was fab and it gave me the push I needed to finish this blog post. Stacey is a fab support to businesses on twitter, she really cares and does not judge. Take a look at her blog here:
Despite all the issues we can face we are determined to keep going and growing as a business. We are just so passionate about growing, learning and improving our services.

“Achievement has no colour”  Abraham Lincoln


  1. Thank you so so much for the amazing mention! You guys are an inspiration me to with your hard work & determination! I know first hand the quality of your work and the professionalism you bring to what can sometimes be a less than reputable trade! I am currently in Twitter jail so will respond to your lovely tweet later, lol! :o)

  2. Thank you Stacey for such a lovely comment. We love to work hard and the combined work ethic from my husband Aye and my management skills seems to work so well. :) Thank you for your support on Twitter too!