Wednesday, 1 June 2011

why does it happen?

One thing that has really been upsetting us this week is the amount of customers who have been 'let down' by gardeners who have lied or said they have done the job when they didn't even turn up. Lots of people rent out houses in Crawley and can't always meet the gardener in person so they trust the gardeners to do the job, thet get the invoice, they pay and then weeks later they find out it was never done!

This makes us sooooo cross. Whenever we visit a site for a customer we always provide before and after photos by email, we give receipts for all payments and we even provide verbal and written feedback from existing customers to put their mind at rest.

Next week we are going to be sorting out a garden, where gardeners had supposedly visited already, we are going to be doing a complete clearance, ground preparation and turfing. We will post the photos for you all to see next week.

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