Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Exciting news...

Well exciting for us anyway!

We have finally purchased our ride on lawn mower! Woo hoo! We already have lots of grounds where it will be so useful but if you know anyone with a large paddock, field or 1-3 acre garden then please send them our details.

This week I have been going crazy with cravings (am 5 months pregnant) Don't worry I don't do the manual work...I am more the secretary!

I must say it is lovely to see customers are starting to post reviews on the internet about us...thankyou to all those people that do. If you know any small businesses remember to post positive reviews about them on the net - it really helps build their web presence.

We have also been invited to a few networking groups...so hopefully child care allowing we will get to see what happens at one of those! lol
Night all.

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